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MAIDS’ original style of Midwest Disco is all about bringing people together in one place to have a good time and get immersed in waves of electronic dance pop. Whether the music is experienced through headphones or dancing at a live show, Danny Heggen and Mickey Davis have developed a homegrown, Midwestern concoction that reminds all of us that life, simply put, is awesome.

Des Moines-based MAIDS’ enthusiasm to create has resulted in a new assortment of material, which will premiere on their new EP “These Days” set for worldwide release on May 6, 2016. Co-produced by St. Lucia’s Ross Clark, the duo are finding new inspirations to stretch their voice and dial-in on their Midwest Disco sound. As with their previous material, it’ll make give you all the feels and all the moves.

MAIDS are touring throughout the Midwest during the spring and summer of 2016. Check out their upcoming shows to learn more. If they’re not traveling close enough to you, send them an email. They’re ready when you are.

Danny and Mickey first started working together in 2012, when Mickey remixed a track by Danny’s pop folk band, Seedlings. Soon after, they began writing their own material and haven’t stopped since. Self-released “MAID UP” came out in 2013 and can still be found floating around the internet.

… But don’t take our word for it:

It’s okay for 80s pop to be classified as retro. That’s exactly what MAIDS harnesses: good vibe synth-driven 80s pop vibes. It’s quite dashing, and totally fun.

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MAIDS not only mark their authority as one of the most exciting new acts to emerge this year, but also truly build anticipation for future releases.

–Crack in the Road
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They describe themselves as “Midwest disco” and judging from the sounds of their new single ‘Bandits’, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

–The 405
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Listeners will find the track builds on the backbone of deep-toned electronics and takes the listener through waves of transparent melodies.

–Under the Gun Revew
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(Davis’) downtempo beats and synth flourishes are reliably magnificent. Hearing Heggen take more of an isolated vocal role … is a rewarding revelation — his voice is warm and welcoming at times …, and heartbreaking at other times … And somehow, the melodies and arrangements all seem to complement each other in the best possible ways.

–Des Moines Music Coalition
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Pretty awesome stuff. And considering they’re the only band I know from Iowa, they’re by default my favorite (though I have a feeling that’d still be the case there were a dozen more).

–Don’t Need No Melody
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Danny and Mickey are crazy talented.

–BS in the Midwest
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Exclusive Music: MAIDS Performs “Can’t Hardly Wait” –Josh Hafner, Juice

Meet the Band: MAIDS –Joe Lawler, Juice

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